Heavy Lift Transport and Handling

One of COORDINADORA’S main services, in which we have achieved a very high degree of specialization, is the transport and handling of heavy and/or large cargoes. Over thirty years of existence, the experience and knowledge accumulated in the organization and management of the transport of heavy and large cargoes (heavy-lift) has led us to be one of the best qualified companies in this activity in the international market.

In the last decade we have transported a great deal of equipment with individual weights ranging from 500 up to 1550 Mt, through sea, rivers, roads, mountains, job sites, improvised ports... No other forwarder in Spain can show a profile like this.

Based on this extensive experience, we have developed an organization, working techniques and procedures that always seek maximum safety and reliability during the performance of the operation, and which we provide to our customers as part of the transport solutions they need anywhere in the world.