Transport Engineering

COORDINADORA has its own engineering department. Its main function is to plan, organize, execute and handle the transport of heavy cargoes. Its aim is to maintain, always and under all circumstances, a very high level of safety in the operations we perform.


But our engineering concept goes further. We use the term "transport engineering" to describe the process that we employ in each special transport operation. This process begins with the preparation of a specific transport plan for every shipment, in which we analyze, calculate, evaluate and optimize the most appropriate solution for each scenario. Throughout their implementation, the plan is continuously updated and all the technical information is reviewed over and over again, with special emphasis on issues such as ship stability, lashing, ground strength, accelerations, vehicle stability, support surfaces on vehicles and vessels, crane capabilities, lifting methods, and so on. The process is complemented by the direct personal supervision of loading and transfer operations to be carried out during the transport to ensure that our transport plan and the calculations we made are accurately followed throughout the process.

Our services in this area include:

 Lashing and securing calculations and implementation  Lifting analysis  Cargo structural analysis for maritime operations and sea voyages  Accelerations and effect on cargo  Route strength analysis (bridges, quays, roads)  Deck and platforms strength calculations  Analysis and calculations for the offshore industry  Ballasting Procedures  Confined spaces road maneuvers and special road transport stability verification  3D Stowage plan calculations Heavy loads maneuvers simulations