Consulting and Technical Studies

All of our skills, knowledge and experience are placed at your service as external consultants and/or advisors when requested by our customers. Particularly in the movement of heavy or complex project cargoes, access to the advice and opinion of an expert company from the early planning stages of the project can prevent the existence of extra costs, major delays and even accidents.

Our services in this area include:

Marine surveyors, marine warranty surveys and port captainsEvaluation of technical offersVoyage routing assessmentRoute surveysSafe port/berth assessmentMarine operations planning and designShip/barge selectionBeach landing/ Roll-on & Roll-off Geologistics studies and assessmentWeather and sea conditions studiesImpact recorders and analysis

Through our capabilities, we can verify the transport feasibility of a critical component, calculate and propose design changes, analyze and study the most appropriate route, supervise and direct complex maneuvers, check the strength of transport means and surfaces, identify the most suitable loading/unloading and/or handling places, make stability calculations, monitor and approve lashing calculations of third parties, and so on. Our field of action can be as wide as your needs require.