More than 30 years of experience in the transport of Project and Heavy Lift cargoes

The Company

COORDINADORA INTERNACIONAL DE CARGAS, S.A. is a Spanish company specialized in the management and transport of project and heavy-lift cargoes, its activity being based on four main pillars:

  • Wide experience and market knowledge.
  • Own engineering department.
  • Supervision of field operations by highly qualified personnel.
  • Reliability and widely known reputation in the international market.
Wide experience and market knowledge :: Coordinadora, transitarios - proyectos - heavy lift

Own engineering department :: Coordinadora, transitarios - proyectos - heavy lift

Founded in 1982, COORDINADORA has more than thirty years of experience in the transport of large parts and components. In addition to services in heavy-lift, project cargoes and our skills in transport engineering, COORDINADORA is also involved in conventional air, land and sea transport, containers and groupage.

COORDINADORA considers personalized attention to its customers as its top priority and one of its most highly valued identifying marks. Individualized treatment and the importance we give to each one of our transport operations has been one of the main premises of the company since it was founded.

For all this we have highly qualified professionals in various areas of activity, who follow a strict internal training programme. COORDINADORA’s skills and abilities are also of a global nature, and to successfully perform the operations entrusted by our customers we have a wide and solid network of agents in most countries.

We also offer all kinds of ancillary services worldwide, such as transport insurance, customs clearance, processing of shipping documents, preparation of feasibility reports, etc. We are not therefore limited to the movement of special or complex loads, but are also involved in any additional activities related to multimodal transport, and capable of giving our customers the comprehensive response that they need at any time, in Spain or anywhere else.

Juan H. Madsen